5 Ways to a Better Staycation

More people than ever are opting to stay home for vacation rather than travelling far and wide. That doesn’t mean you should spend your time off cleaning out your closets or filing away papers from your home office desk. If you take a vacation from home, allow yourself to get away from it all while staying put. Discovery the mysteries of your local area, take day trips, and enjoy a bit of relaxation from the comfort of your own home. The point of a staycation for many is to save money. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the fun.

1) Grab a community paper. You would be amazed at the offerings in your very own hometown. Instead of going to an expensive art exhibit, consider that arts and crafts fair near your house. Pick up a few creative ideas and try out a few yourself.

2) Have a spa day at home. Take a bath with a hint of rose oil. Light a few candles and do your nails. Use that hair conditioner that requires you to rinse after fifteen minutes. Give yourself the gift of time by pampering yourself completely.

3) Develop gadget-free zones. Let your phone go to voicemail. If people know you are there, you might be tempted to fall back into your normal routine or sneak in an hour or two of work. Saying ‘no’ to others while saying ‘yes’ to yourself can be habit-forming. What better time to practice the power of ‘no’ than on vacation?

4) Unplug. It might be tempting to check emails, send that company fax, or follow up on a few business phone calls. Resist the urge by unplugging your computer from the wall and putting away your gadgets for the extent of your staycation.

5) Invite friends. The best motivation can often come from visitors who are interested in exploring new places with you. Especially if they are from out of town, your friends can give you the proper impetus to enjoy an excursion beyond your own walls.

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